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As the fair value adjustment increases the value of the asset, the additional depreciation on this must also be accounted for. In the statement of profit or loss, this year's depreciation expense on the fair value adjustment must be included. In the statement of financial position, it is the cumulative depreciation in all the years since acquisition that must be adjusted. In both cases, the subsidiary's profits will reduce following the adjustment for this fair value depreciation. This. Overview of fair value mea­sure­ment approach. The objective of a fair value mea­sure­ment is to estimate the price at which an orderly trans­ac­tion to sell the asset or to transfer the liability would take place between market par­tic­i­pants at the mea­sure­ment date under current market con­di­tions

Fair value adjustments also apply to derivative instruments. Companies use derivatives to hedge exposures to interest rate volatility, foreign exchange fluctuations and changes in fixed asset market values. The treatment of gains and losses on these derivatives depends on the intended use of the hedging. Consult a qualified tax accountant for more details on how to record fair value adjustments for derivative hedges Fair value is a broad measure of an asset's intrinsic worth while market value refers solely to the price of an asset in the marketplace as determined by the laws of demand and supply. As such,..

The use of fair value measurement for financial reporting continues on an upward trajectory and presents significant challenges, requiring judgment and interpretation. Fair value measurement is not a static discipline and markets are demonstrating increasing interconnectedness and are inherently unstable. Further, the regulator Valuation adjustment is the umbrella name for adjustments made to the fair value of a derivatives contract to take into account funding, credit risk and regulatory capital costs. Dealers typically incorporate the costs associated with XVA s into the price of a new trade Der Fair Value ist das vom IASB grundsätzlich präferierte Wertkonzept, da ihm im Vergleich zu Anschaffungs- oder Herstellungskosten eine besonders große Entscheidungsnützlichkeit (decision usefullness) zugesprochen wird. Der Anwendungsbereich des Fair-Value-Konzepts ist innerhalb der IFRS im Zeitablauf immer mehr ausgeweitet worden. Gegenwärtig kommt die Fair-Value-Bilanzierung insbesondere bei folgenden Positionen zur Anwendung FVA - englisch funding valuation adjustment; die Wertminderung aufgrund von Liquiditätsrisiken. Diese Bestandteile der Bewertungsanpassung (VA) werden zusammenfassend als XVA bezeichnet. Inhalt [ Bearbeiten | Quelltext bearbeiten

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Für die Ermittlung des fair value favorisiert das IASB die Ausprägung des beizulegenden Zeitwerts als exit price. Vermögenswerte sind demnach mit ihren Ausstiegspreisen und Schulden mit ihren Ablösebeträgen zu bewerten. Der Grundsatz der Unternehmensfortführung (going concern) nach IAS 1.25 als grundlegende Annahme der IFRS-Rechnungslegung bleibt hiervon jedoch unberührt. Der exit price ist folglich nicht im Sinne einer tatsächlichen oder fingierten Unternehmenszerschlagung zu sehen. Many translated example sentences containing fair value adjustment - German-English dictionary and search engine for German translations Such fair value adjustments could be included within an income/expense heading such as other operating income/administrative expenses or shown separately on the face of the profit and loss account. Note: The revised Accounting Directive has including value adjustments in a number of the format expense headings, as well as a separate heading for fair value adjustments (although these. Under IAS 39, the fair value option for financial assets can also be applied when the asset is part of a group of assets or assets and liabilities that is managed on a fair value basis or when it has an embedded derivative that is not closely related. Under IFRS 9 assets managed on a fair value basis are by default accounted for at FVTPL because they fail the business model test. Hybrid debt.

Fair value accounting uses current market values as the basis for recognizing certain assets and liabilities. Fair value is the estimated price at which an asset can be sold or a liability settled in an orderly transaction to a third party under current market conditions. This definition includes the following concepts Adjustments usually take place when a business is being valued for mergers and acquisitions (M&A) that are taking place, or when actual results are being compared to forecast/budget/guidance/expectations. Good adjustments include items that are truly non-recurring and don't reflect future expectations for the business. It makes sense to remove these items as accounting principles don't smooth them out over time and can result in a significant earnings volatility Why fair value is important Companies can elect to measure available-for-sale securities at fair value for accounting purposes. In order to do so, the company must make fair value adjustments at. Revaluations (fair value adjustments) generate a deferred tax charge (an accrual for tax). Differences arising from fair value adjustments examples: EXAMPLE - Deferred tax on available-for-sale equity investments An entity holds an available-for-sale investment, ie, shares in a listed company

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The fair value adjustment account is an allowance account to the fair value of the security. Recording the unrealized gain or loss from the security in this account allows the company to track the difference between the cost of security and its fair value. Example. For example, on December 15, 2020, the company ABC bought a trading security at the cost of $50,000. However, on December 31, 2020. Valuation adjustments and their impact on the banking sector December 2015 www.pwc.com.au. 2 XVA explained Introduction The past decade has seen a raft of changes in the banking industry, with a focus on seemingly never-ending new regulation. One of the less well understood changes is a revision to the fundamentals of trading book fair value measurement and pricing, through the gradual. Under FRS 102 I understand the investment should be valued at fair value. My understanding is this: 1. I need to post a Fair Value adjustment in the income statement for the decrease in value of £20k. 2. The £20k adjustment is then added back in the tax comp as it is not an allowable deduction. 3. Once the shares are sold this would give rise to a potential capital gain or loss on the.

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evidence of fair value and shall be used without adjustment to measure fair value whenever available, except as specified in paragraph 820-10-35-41C. [820-10-35-41] Bloomberg's Rules Based on the guidance above, we built rules in order to individually address each key requirement of IFRS 13 and ASC 820. Must be accessible: Both ASC 820 and IFRS 13 state that the prices from active markets. Article 34 states that additional value adjustments (calculated according to article 105): i) shall apply to all fair value positions (and not only to the trading book); ii) shall be deduced from CET1 capital. The final draft of the RTS put forward two approaches for the implementation of the prudent valuation. The usage of the two different approaches depends on a threshold that must be. The fair value of the asset as at 31 December 2017 under IAS 39 is £250,000, while the amortised cost value of the asset would be £200,000 at that date. On adoption of IFRS 9, the company. IFRS 9 requires changes in fair value on financial liabilities designated as at FVTPL to be split into: the amount of change in fair value attributable to changes in credit risk of the liability, (presented in OCI) and; the remaining amount (presented in P&L). The new guidance allows the recognition of the full amount of change in the fair value in profit or loss only if the presentation of. Die Kreditbewertungsanpassung oder Anpassung der Kreditbewertung (englisch credit valuation adjustment, abgekürzt CVA) ist die Korrektur einer ohne ausreichende Berücksichtigung von Kreditrisiken vorgenommenen Marktbewertung um das bepreiste Kreditrisiko. Auch der Korrekturterm selbst wird oft mit diesem Begriff benannt. Üblicherweise ist bei marktgängigen Wertpapieren wie Anleihen das.

Il fair value deve assegnare un'oggettività maggiore alle informazioni presenti nel bilancio annuale, trasparenza e rilevanza. Visto che questo concetto è un metro di valutazione commerciale, per le aziende non subentrano delle conseguenze dal punto di vista tributario.Il vantaggio maggiore è la sua attualità che deriva dalla valutazione approssimativa dei fondi patrimoniali e dei debiti Beim fair value handelt es sich also um einen marktorientierten, jedoch fiktiven Wertmaßstab, der somit keinen eigenständigen und einheitlichen Wertbegriff darstellt, vielmehr ist für die Ermittlung auf andere Wertansätze zurückzugreifen. Für die Ermittlung des fair value favorisiert das IASB die Ausprägung des beizulegenden Zeitwerts als exit price. Vermögenswerte sind demnach mit. The Fair value of the asset should be its capacity to earn a return throughout its life after adjustment of the Interest rate. Step #1 - Total Earning of the Road Roller = $80,000 + $50,000 + $200,000 + $100,000 + $200,000 = $630,000 ; Step #2 - Calculate the Present Value of Future Cash-Flows. Bring all the payments that you will receive in future to year 0. So discount them cash-flows.

Adjustments may be needed to level 2 inputs and, if this adjustment is significant, then it may require the fair value to be classified as level 3. Finally, level 3 inputs are unobservable inputs. These inputs should be used only when it is not possible to use Level 1 or 2 inputs Hi, We need to perform fair value adjustment for some of our investment assets which are not depreciated. We tried to use ABAW but no accounting entries are generated. Are we using the correct tcode Valuing Derivatives: Funding Value Adjustments and Fair Value Funding Costs and Performance Measurement. The funding value adjustment arises from a difference between the way... FVA, DVA, and Double Counting. The FVA and the DVA concern different aspects of an uncollateralized derivatives... The. Under FRS102, changes in fair value must instead be taken to P&L a/c - fine. My question is, are these (unrealised) fair value gains or losses an allowable deduction in the corporation tax computation (ie are these gains/losses not taxable)? I seem to be coming across conflicting views, depending on the assets concerned. Take two examples

Der Fair Value (beizulegender Zeitwert) ist der Betrag, zu dem sachverständige und vertragswillige Parteien unter üblichen Marktbedingungen bereit wären, einen Vermögenswert zu tauschen bzw. eine Verbindlichkeit zu begleichen. Grundsätzlich kann der Fair Value als Marktwert interpretiert werden, falls ein solcher für die betreffenden Vermögenswerte existiert CIMA F2 Fair value adjustments Free lectures for the CIMA F2 Advanced Financial Reporting Exam

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Question 2 : Fair Value Adjustment for Associate Post Acquisition i) Fair Value Adjustment itself ii) Additional Depreciation So, basically the same treatment! Why differentiate? We are not going to deal with the Associate on an asset by asset basis as we do with consolidation. Instead, take cost of acquisition, add on share of (adjusted if necessary) post-acquisition retained and. Fair value of net identifiable assets acquired (W2) 112,610 Non-controlling interest % 25% Non-controlling interest as at the acquisition date 28,152.5 Goodwill could then be computed as follows: (W4) HK$'000 Consideration (W1) 97,000 Non-controlling interest (W3) 28,152.5 Less: Fair value of net identifiable assets (W2) (112,610) Goodwill 12,542.5 With the above calculations, the following. Adjusted EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization) is a measure computed for a company that takes its earnings and adds back interest expenses, taxes, and. The fair value of derivatives is not necessarily the same as its current market price. A derivative is a financial instrument that derives its value from another asset. Fair value is an attempt to put an objective price on a financial instrument, either instead of or in the absence of its current market price. Calculating the fair value of derivatives involves taking into account factors that. We'll find the Intrinsic value/fair value of ITC using the above FAIR VALUE CALCULATOR. The current share price of ITC is Rs 209 (March 2021). During the trailing twelve months, the EPS (TTM) of the company is Rs 10.59. You can find the TTM EPS of any publically listed stock at Trade Brains Portal. Simply, go to the portal and search for the.

NCI Fair Value Formula Example. J&J acquired an entity 75% shares, the market value of the share at date of acquisition was $ 6. Total number of outstanding shares is 100,000.Then NCI under fair value method can be calculated as under? Solution. NCI % = 100% - 75% = 25%. NCI at fair value = 30% x 100,000 x 6 = 180,000. Posted by Unknown at 10:31. Email This BlogThis! Share to Twitter Share to. How to Calculate Fair Value for Financial Products There are no storage costs to pay If you were to purchase a futures contract of a Financial Product such as the Dow Jones Industrial Average stock index (DJIA) but there are interest payment costs and dividend payments to take in to account when you calculate fair value for financial products

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The fair value adjustment of properties in accordance with IFRS generated gains of EUR 5.7 million (Q1 2007: EUR 2.4 mill.), or 0.5% of the total carrying value of investment properties. eco-immo.at. eco-immo.at. Die vorzunehmenden Aufwertungsgewinne im Rahmen der IFRS-Bilanzierung beliefen sich auf EUR 5,7 Mio. (Q1 2007: EUR 2,4 Mio.) oder 0,5% der als Finanzinvestitionen gehaltenen. Translations in context of fair value adjustment in English-French from Reverso Context: This is partially offset by the increase in administration expenses and the fair value adjustment Fair value adjustment on loans ( ) Ajustements de juste valeur sur prêts ( ) Fair value adjustment on borrowings. Ajustements de juste valeur sur emprunts. Gains and losses realized on disposal and unrealized gains and losses from market fluctuations are reported in the fair value adjustment. Les gains et les pertes réalisés à la cession et. Viele übersetzte Beispielsätze mit goodwill and fair value adjustments - Deutsch-Englisch Wörterbuch und Suchmaschine für Millionen von Deutsch-Übersetzungen

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At the end of each period, companies calculate the fair market value of these securities and record this adjustment as an unrealized gain or loss. The unrealized gain or loss affects the company's accumulated other comprehensive income, a component of stockholders' equity. Read the most recent balance sheet. Find the value of the available-for-sale securities from the assets section. This. A fair value measurement should include an adjustment for risk if market participants would include one in pricing the related asset or liability, even if the adjustment is difficult to determine. Therefore, a measurement (for example, a mark-to-model measurement) that does not include an adjustment for risk would not represent a fair value measurement if market participants would. A historical cost balance sheet will value the land at $500,000 until it's sold. The fair value method of accounting would adjust the land's value to $600,000. For financial reporting purposes.

from fair value adjustments on derivatives. The value of outstanding derivative assets written down was as it became apparent that counterparties were less likely than expected to meet their obligations. Under the Basel II market risk framework, 2. firms were required to hold capital against the variability in the market value of their derivatives in the trading book, but there was no. fair value and is defined as the level at which an asset or a liability is aggregated or disaggregated in an IFRS for recognition purposes. The unit of account is determined under the IFRS applicable to the asset or liability (or group of assets and liabilities) that requires fair value measurement. • The item for which fair value is determined may be a single asset or liability such as a. They are calculated using fair value adjustment factors as of the close of the New York Stock Exchange provided by ITG's Portfolio Fair Value Service. The MSCI Indexes with ITG Fair Value Model can be used for Fair value pricing is an important part of accurately pricing a fund's shares and helps fund managers with the ability to adjust a fund's price under unforseen circumstances. Managers are getting more serious about doing it the right way as increased governance surrounding fair value pricing procedures is a further step in the right direction. Be sure to follow our Mutual Funds Education.

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  1. 31) Adjusted the securities to year-end fair value. Totals 0 0 S 0 S 0 S 0 S 0 Prove the accuracy of your responses on the Transaction Analysis tab by selecting the account titles reported on the income statement or as a component of stockholders' equity. S 0 On the transaction analysis tab. you indicated that total income changed by: Select the income statement account balances that prove.
  2. Adjusted net asset method 58 COMMON OVERSIGHTS 61 Market approach (comparable company valuation multiples) 61 Income approach (DCF method) 62 Adjusted net asset method 63 GLOSSARY OF TERMS 64 ADDITIONAL SOURCES OF INFORMATION 69 EDUCATIONAL MATERIAL ON FAIR VALUE MEASUREMENT 3 IFRS Foundation. This educational material accompanies, but is not part of, IFRS 13. It illustrates aspects of IFRS 13.
  3. In the period adopted, the entity elects the fair-value option for the MBSs, records the loss as a cumulative-effect adjustment to the beginning balance of retained earnings, and in a later period sells the MBSs. After the sale of the MBSs, the entity reinvests the proceeds in other investments but does not elect the fair-value option for these new investments. The totality of these.
  4. 8. Fair value of financial instruments - financial statements 2012. 1. Introduction, basis for the presentation of the consolidated financial statements and internal control of financial information. 2. Principles of consolidation, accounting policies and measurement bases applied and recent IFRS pronouncements. 3
  5. ed by the number of days defined for the key. Here you can also deter

Credit Value Adjustment (CVA) is new risk measure that offers an opportunity for banks to move beyond the system control of limits and to price dynamically counterparty credit risk of new trades. Many banks already measure CVA in their accounting statements, but the financial crisis has led pioneering banks to invest in systems that more accurately assess CVA, and integrate CVA into pre-deal. Fair value adjustments may not always fall under the same process. Most companies can use one of three methods to make a fair value adjustment. These include using current market prices for identical items, observing current market data for similar items in an open market, and making an estimate based on unobserved data when no traditional market exists. The fair value disclosure needs to. Fair value adjustments should be recorded at subsidiary level. Doing at consolidation adds considerable complication for future years - for example for fixed assets, you then have to adjust depreciation and deferred tax each year, as well as dealing with disposals. Thanks (0) Replying to paul.benny: By johnt27. 17th Feb 2021 15:39 . I beg to differ. The FV adjustments on a business combination. The same fair value return adjustment is used for price, net and gross total return index series. MSCI Fair Value Indexes with IDCo Fair Value Pricing and MSCI Indexes with ITG Fair Value Model are calculated using fair value adjustment factors as of the close of the New York Stock Exchange

From BPC NW 10.0 IFRS documents, it reads The fair value adjustments are posted by manual journal entries , As fair value adjustment amount is constant for every accounting period, so do you have some advice on it ? I know BPC Journal has Reopen function, it could copy journal entries to next period. In addition to it, is there any other. Fair value is best represented by the price that two parties are willing to pay for an asset or liability in an active market. A less accurate measure of fair value is when there is an active market for a similar item, while the least accurate method is to use the discounted cash flows associated with future performance Erfolgsneutrale Fair-Value-Bewertung Bilanzielle Folgen bei Wahlrechtsausübung (IFRS Abbildung aller Fair Value Änderungen im Eigenkapital (OCI) Keine Wertberichtung Kein Recycling von Gewinnen und Verlusten in der GuV Erfolgswirksame Erfassung von Dividenden in der GuV (IFRS Recording intangible assets at their fair values. In particular, intangible assets (such as customer lists and non-compete agreements) were not recorded on the books of the acquiree at all, so their recordation as assets is entirely new. These changes have an impact on the books of the acquirer, which are known as purchase accounting adjustments. The adjustments are caused by the altered.

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  1. Fair Value Adjustments. 12. CVA and DVA They capture the risk that each party does not fulfill its obligations CVA and DVA have symmetric formulas* 24-08-2018 where Loss Given Default (LGD): expected % of loss of the Exposure in case of default of the counterparty Probability of Default (PD): marginal probability of default between t-1 and t.
  2. EXAMPLE - Fair Value Adjustments. ii) revaluation of property, plant and equipment (IAS 16) to fair value, but no adjustment for is allowed for tax purposes. I/B. DR. CR. Revaluation of property, plant and equipment. B. 700. Revaluation reserve-equity. B. 700. Tax expense (deferred tax) @ 24% charged to equity. B. 168. Deferred tax liability . B. 168. Revaluation of property. Email This.
  3. The carrying value of such investment properties depends on the chosen accounting treatment under IAS 40 (either fair value or cost). The adjustment represents the impact on NAV of the revaluation of the investment property intended for sale, measured at fair value or cost, to the net realisable value (fair value less disposal costs). f) Revaluation to fair value of property that is leased to.
  4. Insbesondere wird für Fair Value Hedgebeziehungen die Angabe der bilanziell ausgewie-senen Buchwerte und kumulierten Hedge Adjustments der designierten Grundgeschäfte verlangt. 10 Dies betrifft somit auch das PFVH, bei dem zwar die designationsfähigen bzw. designierten Grundgeschäfte in der Regel einfach identifizierbar sind, der jeweils desig
  5. The table TF643 (Fair Value Adjustments: Version/Date-Sensitive) is a standard table in SAP ERP. It belongs to the package FC06_UC. Technical Information. Table: TF643: Short Text: Fair Value Adjustments: Version/Date-Sensitive: Package: FC06_UC: Table Type: Transparent Table Fields for Table TF643. Field Name Key Description Data Element Type Length Check Table; MANDT: : Client: MANDT: CLNT.

Basics of Credit Value Adjustments and Implications for the Assessment of Hedge Effectiveness 2 Under current U.S. and International accounting standards, the fair market value for Over-the-Counter (OTC) derivatives should reflect the credit quality of the derivative instrument, which is generally cap-tured through any applicable Credit Value Adjustment (CVA). CVA represents an adjustment made. Fair value adjustments are made for available for sale and trading securities since GAAP requires that these securities be reported at their fair market value. An unrealized gain or loss is calculated as the difference between the investment's cost and it's current fair value. The Fair Value Adjustment account will always be used in fair value adjustment transactions but will either be debited. Constructing Fair Value Adjusted Indexes - ITG Constructing Fair Value Adjusted Indexes Ananth Madhavan* Current Version: November 8, 2002 Now suppose the median fund uses a fair value adjustment, correctly adjusting upward its NAV on day T+0 to incorporate the intraday US market movement. As shown below, this puts.

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  1. The fair value option should allow companies to focus more on electing and complying with the fair value option guidance, rather than on designating and documenting transactions to comply with the Statement no. 133 hedge accounting guidance. The option is effective at the start of the first fiscal year beginning after Nov. 15, 2007. (At press time, FASB was considering a delay, in whole or in.
  2. The values are discounted to the present value based on the coupon rate. It turns out that the face, or present, value and future value are the same. This is because the interest is cashed out, so the bond's value stays the same no matter how long until maturity. When the expected rate of return goes up, the bond's price goes down to compensate. This is called a discount bond. When the.
  3. fair valuation of all financial instruments, including insurance contracts.1 A second purpose of the paper is to present several specific valuation techniques. The techniques pre- sented here may be helpful in expanding the toolbox of some readers. However, each one is presented as a variation on the aforementioned framework of principles and basic approaches. This paper is divided into four.
  4. e all of the following: the particular asset or liability that is the subject of the measurement (consistently with.
  5. Items valued at fair value can be presented on the balance sheet either as a separate line item or aggregately with similar items with the amount of fair value presented parenthetically (similar to accounts receivable. Disclosures. For interim and annual balance sheets for each period presented: 1. Management's reason for electing the fair value option. 2. If using the instrument-by.
  6. g it is marketable, and then to adjust this value by a discount for lack of marketability (DLOM). Valuation professionals generally justify the application of a DLOM by stating that an investor would require a higher return based on the additional time and risk associated with.
  7. Our Fair Value Information Services can be linked to a fund's existing fund accounting system through FundRun SM. We can transmit the data in existing formats or in special detailed formats. Equity Security: Transmissions can include the SEDOL® number, evaluated price, evaluated adjustment factor, confidence level, details, status codes, and.

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Rent of Facilities at Prices Above or Below Fair Market Value Many companies do not own the facilities they occupy, but instead rent them from a holding company owned by a shareholder. This is similar to related party transactions that need to be adjusted, but I single it out as a separate point given how frequently it occurs. The rent is often. INREV NAV Adjustments. NAV03. The INREV NAV best practice requirements for the calculation of an adjusted NAV should be used for both open end and closed end vehicles. In this section direct links will be made to IFRS as a basis for calculating the required adjustments and, if needed, to other fair value concepts Fair value is a market-based measurement and is generally used for assets whose carrying value is based on mark-to-market valuations and not for assets carried at historical costs. Fair value gains /losses is to be reflected in the income statement of the company and is a non-cash item. It refers to the changes in fair value of the entities assets and liabilities over the course of the year. Profits Tax Return - Fair Value Accounting. Subsequent to the judgment of the Court of Final Appeal in Nice Cheer Investment Limited v CIR, the Department has agreed, as an interim administrative measure, to accept 2013/14 to 2017/18 profits tax returns in which the assessable profits are computed on a fair value basis. By the Inland Revenue.

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Adjusted total debt is the fair value of a company's total short-term, long-term, and off-balance sheet debt. We use the fair value of a company's total debt in our models because as it is a better representation of a company's current and future obligations than the book value reported on the balance sheet. The fair value of a company's total debt is the current amount the company. Bona Fide Transaction at Fair Market Value The validity of a price adjustment clause was considered by the Court in Guilder News Co. (1963) Ltd. et al. v. M.N.R., 73 DTC 5048 (FCA). The issue involved was whether a benefit had been received by a shareholder who acquired property from a corporation at less than fair market value. The agreement of purchase and sale contained the following price. Fair value adjustment on loan (2.8) 3.6 (0.8) Loss before tax 6.2 7.6 10.2 Balance sheet position Loan payable (97.2) (100.8) - Derivative (3.0) 1.0 - The effective/ineffective element and the fair values assigned to the swap have been assumed for the purposes of this example. In practice a company would be required to determine the effective/ineffective amounts in accordance with relevant. Describes the rules for adjusting the cost basis of property upon the owner's death, i.e., a step- up (or a step- down), including the rules for joint property, income in respect of a decedent (IRD), an alternate valuation . General rule. The basis of property acquired from a decedent is adjusted t o the fair market value of that property at the date of death (unless one of the.

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When fair value is the foundation for your business valuation, consideration of the market discounts does not come into play. Fair value is often considered a hazy concept. Its use is typically determined by state statute and common usage. Fair value is usually statutorily determined, and state laws differ as to how fair value is used The entity should adjust the observable price of a similar security for the different rights and obligations to determine the amount that should be recorded as an upward or downward adjustment in the carrying value of the security measured in accordance with paragraph 321-10-35-2 to reflect the current fair value of the security

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