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What is an unopened preflop raise? Unopened Preflop Raise (UOPFR) tracks the percentage of hands in which a player raises preflop when the action folds to him. This allows you to understand a player's tendencies at a deeper level than the VPIP/PFR poker statistic does. VPIP/PFR gives you a general idea of the player type of your opponent Unopened Preflop Raise (UOPFR) tracks the percentage of times that a player raises preflop when the action folds to him. This allows you to understand a player's tendencies at a deeper level than the VPIP/PFR poker statistic. VPIP/PFR gives you a general idea of the player type of your opponent. UOPFR gives detailed information on the range of hands your opponent is playing from each position This article is for those poker players who are thinking of using a HUD software. You are a casual poker player who wants to upgrade your skill, we advice you to continue reading to learn new poker strategies about the crucial HUD stats called PFR. What is PFR? PFR in poker stands for PreFlop Raise. It is the most important HUD statistics after VPIP. PFR shows how many times a player raises on the preflop. This can be an open raise or a re-raise The bigger the gap between VPIP and PFR, the more passive a player is. Identifying player types using VPIP/PFR. VPIP and PFR are the key indicators of how your opponents understand the game of poker and of their overall strategy. Within 10 hands, Poker Copilot will give you a rough outline of an opponent's play style. 100 hands are enough for a good idea of whom you are playing against, and 1000 hands give you a very clear picture of a player's preflop strategy The UOPFR(Unopened Preflop Raiser) stat found in DriveHUD is the same thing as RFI(Raised First In). Here is a link to some of the definitions. Please note that not all of the stats found in DriveHUD are listed. You could probably find most of the ones that are not listed in the Two Plus Two forums or with a Google search

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The Club Poker organizes freerolls and special tournaments with added prizes. To qualify for free , register on our poker partners websites: review our partners room Was ich sehr viel benutze und deshalb auch im HUD habe sind die Raise unopened stats aus den verschiedenen Positions. Das sagt halt so viel mehr aus als nur vpip/pfr oder ATS. AF benutz ich persönlich quasi gar nicht 3bet und fold to 3bet hab ich zwar im HUD aber gerade beim 3bet stat schau ich sehr viel ins pop up auf die 3bet vs position stats Manual Holdem Manager 2. Manual Holdem Manager 2 is a website dedicated to HM2, the best poker software currently available, oriented to the game and the analysis of hands and style of Texas Holdem and Omaha (High and Hi-Lo), both for cash and for tournaments and poker leagues PFR: 19,52 3-Bet PF: 5,51 Fold to PF 3Bet: 69,79 4Bet+ PF: 5,28 Fold to PF 4Bet+: 62,22 Call PF 3Bet: 26,08 PF 4Bet Ratio: 1,34 PF Squeeze: 4,33 WTSD %: 27,40 WSD: 55,28 WWSF: 45,48 CBet F: 74,03 CBet T: 62,63 CBet R: 48,89 CBet F Suc: 47,22 CBet T Suc: 33.33 CBet R Suc: 52,27 Call F CBet: 33,56 Call T CBet: 43,21 Fold to F CBet: 52,15 Fold to T CBet: 29,6

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Poker ist ein Spiel, bei dem man schnell dazu neigt, sich selbst vorzumachen, dass die eigenen Spielzüge immer +EV haben, obwohl in Wirklichkeit das Gegenteil der Fall ist. Es kann sogar sein, das Sie Profit machen, obwohl Ihr Spiel diese Leaks haben, und wenn Sie sich nie auf die Suche nach Ihren Schwächen machen, finden Sie vielleicht nie heraus, dass diese überhaupt existieren preflop: miért 5 cent? unopened is 3bb-zni célszerű, és itt még egy limpet is kaptál utg-től, mehet nyugodtan a 8 cent, de ha nagy fish akkor ne sajnáld a 12-t se. a range-ed teteje van nálad preflop, minél több pénzt szeretnél a potba húzni. aztán, sb squeeze: így hogy limper van, kevésbé lesz talán polár, de mivel elég weak a lépésed, ezért talán nem szűkít be. The Pre-Flop Checklist - Evan Jarvis (Gripsed Poker Training) Critical Fundamentals of Pre-Flop Play - CrushlivePoker. More on Hand Selection. See basic strategy for more on selection / hand selection. More on Hand Ranges. See basic strategy for more on hand ranges. Pre-Flop Position Range; Continue Ranges; Frequency; Open Frequency; Cut-Off Frequenc Diese Seite verwendet Cookies, um die Navigation auf unserer Website zu verbessern. Durch Weiternutzung unserer Seite stimmst du der Verwendung von Cookies zu

Poker Stats Guide. Our 10-chapter guide to using and understanding online poker stats is now available. The guide walks you through the most important poker statistics to use preflop and postflop to guide your decisions. Stats discussed in-depth include: VPIP and PFR; Unopened preflop raise (UOPFR) Blind-stealing; 3-betting and 4-betting; Donk bet Hey Everyone! This is my first post on this forum so I apologize in advance for formatting errors. My thinking on this hand: Pre flop I was aiming to steal the blinds/antes, I usually play pretty tight but given my position and the folds I figured it was fine to open here Your PFR should also be very high for all pocket pairs. In Unopened or Limped pots you should be frequently raising and against preflop raisers 3-betting with pocket pairs is often a good strategy. Over a reasonable sample size, all of your pocket pair total winnings should be positive and in most cases very significantly so. If you have any negative numbers, especially between 88 and AA, it may indicate poor play. Look over individual hands where you lost lots of money and see if you played. Pct of hands player raises first in unopened pot preflop. Steal. Pct of hands player raises first in unopened pot preflop from CO, BTN or SB. Open MinRaise. Pct of hands player raises preflop minimum amount (2 big blinds) in unopened pot. 3 - back to top. Fold to Steal. Pct of hands player folds when facing an attempted steal. Call Stea Similarly be careful if a positionally aware player raises an unopened pot in late position - there is a higher than usual chance he is attempting to steal the blinds. Be mindful of the difference between VPIP and PFR (pre-flop raise, the next HUD statistic I explain)

Live Poker 132 Threads SNGs 135 Threads Open Face Chinese 45 Threads Omaha 8 41 Threads Limit Hold 'Em 21 Threads Stud 17 Threads Misc. 112 Threads Chatter . Forums / Chatter; All Chatter 4,862 Thread PFR: Raise preflop: PFR/VPIP: PFR to VPIP ratio, this is the % of time a player PFR's when voluntarily putting money in the put: Unopened PFR: How often someone raises when the pot is unopened: Cold Call: Call when faced with 1 raise: 3Bet: BB is Bet 1, a raise is bet 2, the next raise is bet 3. (3-Bet) $ Won WO Showdown: Amount won without getting to showdow Unopened Preflop Raise (UOPFR) This is a measure of how often you raised preflop when all players before you have checked or folded. The formula for calculating UOPFR is: Unopened preflop raise % = (times made an unopened preflop raise) * 100 / (number of opportunities to make an unopened preflop raise) Three-bet Pre-flop (3B

What is PFR in Poker? Poker PFR HUD Stats Explaine

The Steal poker HUD stat shows how often an opponent raises form the CO, button and SB in unopened pot, and from that percentage we can derive his probable range. Don't forget you can check the individual stats for each seat because some players will attempt to steal 20% from the CO and 40% from the button and other opponents may do it 30% from both seats and the difference won't show up. Voluntarily put money into the pot. Folding Big Blind doesn't count. PFR. Pre Flop Raise. 3Bet. Big Blind is bet 1, raise is bet 2 and the next bet is a 3-Bet. Cbet. Continuation Bet - If you were the aggresor on the previous street and bet the next street, this is considered a Cbet. EP Poker Portal je stránka zameraná na informácie zo sveta kartovej hry poker.Nájdete u nás denne aktualizované spravodajstvo, dozviete sa zaujímavosti z pokrových klubov, novinky z online pokrovej scény, naučíme vás hrať poker.. Ak s pokrom len začínate, určite si prečitajte pokrové pravidlá a daľšie články pre začiatočníkov aj pokročilých, ktoré nájdete v poker škole Re: Stars Wars:Empire Striked Back (s.5-->) xxIxx sanoi: UnOpened PFR on tuo UOPFR eli rfi. Click to expand... On, mutta tuolla on Early UO PFR, Middle UO PFR, sitten vaihtuu CO PFR, BTN PFR, SB PFR. Todennäköisesti siis noita CO-SB statseja ei ole erikseen UO PFR -nimellä, vaan löytyy CO-SB Steal-nimillä lysiotisk (UTG): $9.00 (VPIP: 45.45, PFR: 36.36, 3Bet Preflop: 16.67, Hands: 11) Partyboy2911 (CO): $10.14 Nikolaus19 (BTN): $18.63 (VPIP: 20.00, PFR: 20.00, 3Bet Preflop: 14.29, Hands: 16) RGhearted (SB): $10.68 (VPIP: 19.51, PFR: 9.76, 3Bet Preflop: 0.00, Hands: 41) CloudCcl (BB): $9.50 (VPIP: 40.00, PFR: 0.00, 3Bet Preflop: 0.00, Hands: 5

ABC poker for me is basically, open alot of unopened pots, 3 bet for value, value bet alot when u think you are a ahead, fold when you think are behind. Call his Cbet on boards that arent too scary that doesnt hit his perceived range and take it down on later streets etc. I obviously think having a hud on the opponent is a beneficial but I am also 100% sure that some that is really good could. VPIP / PFR: Two of the most crucial statistics you should be concerned with are VPIP (voluntarily put money in pot) and PFR (pre-flop raise). Usually, for 6-max games, a normal VPIP/PFR will be around 24/22. In 9-max, it could be around 19/17 (to accommodate for the tighter opening ranges when in early position). If these numbers are far apart. PFR stands for preflop raise and shows the percentage of hands dealt your opponent enters the pot with a raise. Any hand worth playing in an unopened pot at a six-handed cash game is worth opening with a raise. This means VPIP and PRF should be relatively close to one another. An ideal PFR is in the 17-22% range What's up guys. I've seen a lot of sites which say that the 'tag' player should have stats like 14/12, roughly of course, I don't remember exact

VPIP and PFR - Poker Statistic

PFR: Pre-flop raise percentage. 3Bet/F: 3Bet pre-flop. % of times a player raises pre-flop when facing a raise. It includes 3 Bet, 4Bet, 5Bet, etc. /F: % of times a player folds when facing a 3Bet. It applies to the 1st raiser only. In case that hand is a 4bet hand eventually and the 1st raiser folds, it's not a Folded to 3Bet pre-flop Steal/F: % of time a player raises unopened pot pre-flop. Poker Tracking app › Forums › General PFR, 3-bet and unopened by position are some common ones. But it can be used on anything. It just takes a while to build the data on your opponent since you have to see their hole cards. Author. Posts. Log In Register Lost Password. Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total) Reply To: Heatmaps. You can use BBCodes to format your content. Your.

Yes! Hence, the answer is yes. Suited connectors are worth playing of the elements are right. I play suited connectors around one-third of the time, through a mix of 6max and full ring games. While this number is probably close to 100% on the button if it is unopened to me, it is a lot lower in the early position It is open to all Poker Enthusiasts. Please click this Sign Up link or the Log In link above to PFR% 14: 19.99: 15.6: Preflop Raise % PFR/VPIP: 65: 82.99: 72.1: Ratio of raising to calling. Aggression%: 34: 40.99: 44 % of bet/raise in relation to check/call: Positional Awarness (Unopened): 0.45: 0.549: Ratio of EP raises vs LP raises: Positional Awarness (Facing RFI): 0.4: 0.599: Ratio of. Manual Holdem Manager 2. Manual Holdem Manager 2 is a website dedicated to HM2, the best poker software currently available, oriented to the game and the analysis of hands and style of Texas Holdem and Omaha (High and Hi-Lo), both for cash and for tournaments and poker leagues Poker is a game of deep strategy that involves value betting, protection betting, block betting, and bluffing. Out of all, bluffing is the one that will give you the biggest rush of adrenaline. Did you every try bluffing in a live game when your draw missed, and your river bet was the size of 200 big blinds? This can happen in live games and sometimes in online games as well. However, if you.

Poker Using Expected Reward Distributi ons, in ACML '09 Proceedings of the 1s t Asian Conference on M achine Learning: Advances in Machin e Learning , 2009, pp. 367-381 The poker tracking software that Hold'em Indicator provides is sufficient for most players, its provides easy to read accurate stats about your opponents and their play based on the past hand history. The following are all tracked by Holdem Indicators software. VPIP - Percentage of Voluntary Money Put In Pot. PFR - Pre-flop raise percentage. 3Bet/F - 3Bet pre-flop raise percentage and. Poker Strategy & Rules . Podcast; 30 Day Poker School and for less spots to slowplay your monsters. Your VPIP/PFR is a little on the high side, if you play full ring, but reasonable for 6-max. Become obsessed with poker, create a studygroup and surround yourself with other people that share the same goal as you. Get a lot of different inputs of how worldclass players approach the game etc. Grind/Learn/Eat/Sleep repeat for quite some time, and build up a stronger wall of wisdom about the game brick by brick. Be prepared of setbacks and don't become lazy. Dec. 23, 2018 | 1:37 p.m. Label: Poker Flat Recordings Cat#: PFR LP 03. Media Condition: Media: Mint (M) Sleeve Condition: Sleeve: Mint (M) FACTORY SEALED 2001 Original Press. Has been in my collection, unopened, since it was released in 2001. I was buyer for a vinyl records store at the time. Stored upright in climate controlled storage since then

I've been trying BOL boost poker, but I don't think drivehud is recording the hands correct. I know it's beta, but are there any known issues? Yes, there's a known issue here that we're working on. It's recording all hands, but it's not like other fast fold sites that provide the data after you fold. So we're adding some work arounds for other players data. 10-03-2019, 06:32 PM FreakDaddy. A Profitable Online No-Limit Poker Playing Agent. 2014 Ieee Wic Acm International Joint Conferences on Web Intelligence and Intelligent Agent Technologies, 2014. H. Lopes Cardoso. Download PDF. Download Full PDF Package. This paper. A short summary of this paper. 37 Full PDFs related to this paper. READ PAPER . A Profitable Online No-Limit Poker Playing Agent. Download. A Profitable Online No. PFR: Raise percentage before 4th street. Steal: Percentage of a player raises unopened pot before 4th street if he/she sits right before the bring-in or he/she has the 1st or 2nd best board card in a short-handed table (=6 players). AF (Aggression Factor): It measures a player's aggression/passivity, which represents the player's betting tendencies after the 4th street

Fundamentals of Exploitative Online Poker: Learn to Exploit Your Opponents Through HUD Stats, Player Tendencies and Table Selection Alton Hardin [Hardin, Alton che parta oggi sul com? Zoom Poker - Coming Soon! PokerStars Zoom is a new fast-paced way to play poker. You're always at the centre of the action and can play more hands per hour than ever before. Fold your hand in Zoom Poker and you'll instantly be moved to a new table and get a new hand

PFR: Pre-flop raise percentage. 3Bet/F: 3Bet pre-flop. % of times a player raises pre-flop when facing a raise.It includes 3Bet, 4Bet, 5Bet, etc. /F: % of times a player folds when facing a 3Bet.It applies to the 1st raiser only. In case that hand is a 4bet hand eventually and the 1st raiser folds, it's not a Folded to 3Bet pre-flop elchipriota: What is the difference bettween Raise first in and Steal stat? Is Steal from Btn regarded as any raise villain does without action behind him? ===== Found the answer eventually. I will post it here for anyone else that might have the same questions like me: Steal Steal When someone raises from the CO, BTN or SB when the pot is unopened

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Definition of Payout in the poker dictionary. In multi-table tournaments, a set number of finishes are awarded prize money (typically 10% of the field).The payouts are how much each player earns for finishing in that spot The Sportsbetting.ag Poker Odds Calculator is available for FREE to use exclusively in the Sportsbetting.ag Poker Room for all of our customers. You will be able to see instant poker odds and outs on the fly in an easy and simple interface to enhance your poker experience. The best part is that this tool does all of the work for you! All you have to do is open the tool prior to launching the. Im trying to mix my cash games up a little more, but am having problems with playing LAG, loose fine but im having trouble adding the aggresion. So LAG players do you tend to choose a type of player to play or just compleatly at random all pre-thou PFR - Pre-flop raise percentage. 3Bet/F - 3Bet pre-flop raise percentage and fold to 3 bet percentages. Steal/F: Percentage that a player raises an unopened pot pre-flop from Cutoff, Button or Small Blind position and how often they fold to such a play. AF-Aggression Factor; CBet/F Percentage of continuation bet on flop and fold to c-bet. WSD/W - How often the player went to showdown and. Since poker is a series of decision points, the question is, which decisions would you make differently based on this graph. And the answer is absolutely none of them. Knowing that you did this well in this spot is not going to help you make better decisions in the future. It may allow you to buy a house in the Boston area, but it will not help you actually play better poker. Another way you.

Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Trentemöller Moan Radio Slave Rmx 12 Vinyl 2007 Poker Flat Recordings PFR81 at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products Unopened Preflop Raise (UOPFR) tracks the percentage of hands in which a player raises preflop when the action folds to him. This allows you to understand a player's tendencies at a deeper level than the VPIP/PFR poker statistic does. VPIP/PFR gives you a general idea of the player type of your opponent. UOPFR gives you detailed information on the range of hands your opponent is playing from.

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- Unusual VPIP/PFR (after gathering a sample) - Typing in the chat box (Regs rarely do this) The first area of interest occurs when the action is unopened and we are in the SB, facing a BB fish. This is clearly a spot where we want to play more hands than normal just based on the fact that our opponent will be making a lot of mistakes postflop. Could we open-raise 100% of hands? Quite. The Math Behind Stealing Pots In Poker. Pot stealing is a whole risk (your bet) vs the reward (the pot) situation. So if its unopened to you on the BTN with 76s and you put in 2.5bb to win the pot, you are risking that 2.5bb to win the current 1.5bb (the blinds combined) pot. So it looks like this: x/x+y or 2.5 / (2.5+1.5) 4 = 0.625 for 62.5%. Your bet needs to be successful greater than 62.5%.

Heads Up Poker: Playing poker against one opponent in a 1vs1 situation. Limping: Limping is the act of calling a pre-flop bet when the pot is unopened. For example, a player is first to act under the gun (UTG) and calls the big blind. See this article for why limping is a bad strategy. Middle position (MP): Middle position is the 2nd position to act after the cards are dealt in 6max (after. Poker is a skill-based game that people play with a normal set (or deck) of 52 cards. Poker is any of a number of card games in which players wager over which hand is best according to that specific game's rules in ways similar to Poker rankings. The winner is determined by probability and preponderance and not just luck HM2 News + App Updates . Sep 01. HM2 Released. Aug 21. Hold'em Manager and Poker Tracker Merge. Aug 15. HM2 Released. Jul 22. NoteCaddy 2.5 Beta. Limping From The SB. Playing in my local casino 1/3....7 handed game and I'm in the small blind ($290). The BB ($100) is the type that will never raise preflop, I've seen them limp call AA UTG in a 4 way pot hit a set and just called the PFR 3 streets with the nuts and not get it all in on the river. So back to the hand/situation in question Staff Member Poker Coach. Joined: Oct 30, 2013 Messages: 8,200 Likes Received: 5,368. I'd think that your shoving range shouldn't be close to your 3-bet shoving range since high blind limpers are way more likely to give up their hand. Especially when you're short stacked, you will very rarely get folds from opponents with a 7.5BB stack if they have already raised. If they have only limped, you.

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PFR: Pre-flop raise percentage. 3Bet/F: 4bet hand eventually and the 1st raiser folds, it's not a Folded to 3Bet pre-flop. Steal/F: % of time a player raises unopened pot pre-flop from the CO (Cutoff), Button and SB position. A steal can only be made if everyone in front of the stealer folds so that the stealer is making the first bet pre flop and only from the cutoff, button or small. The preflop breakdown shows VPIP/PFR numbers by position broken down by the action facing the player. So, this guy is 24/24 on the button when it is unopened - in other words he's betting 24% of his hands on the button when nobody has acted. When he's on the small blind and facing 1 or more limpers he is 28/3 so he is raising 3% of the time and calling another 28% of the time. When he is on. BETMGM POKER MI BONUS CODE PA Online Poker . PA Online Poker Community 888Poker PA Bonus Code PartyPoker PA Bonus Code Parx Online Poker Bonus Code BETMGM Poker PA Bonus Code PokerStars PA Bonus Code PLAYSUGARHOUSE BONUS CODE WSOP.COM BONUS CODE NJ Online Poker . NJ Online Poker Communit A-Game Poker Masterclass 135 posts PLO Puzzle 4 posts More More. Group Coaching ; Learning Paths i keep my chests unopened for extended period of time , its just more pleasing to open many of them at once, do you lose EV from that or it is the same result if you open them when you complete them, i am talking about the progress bar the chests have, maybe if you open them faster you get.

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28 Days of Poker Study Challenge - Season 1; About; MED - Stealing Blinds. Blind Stealing Consequences and Switching Tables | MED #2 Class 4 | Poker Podcast #102. By Sky Matsuhashi on October 23, 2016. I conclude my Steal MED by discussing some of the consequences of stealing more; facing resteals, developing a LAG image and getting to the flop with weaker ranges. I also get into switching. A Poker Blog detailing the journey of a small stakes online poker player. Wednesday, 25 May 2011. Poker odds Caculator. One of the things that I always use when playing Poker is Tournament Indicator. This tool is especially helpful if you like to multi-table and can't keep your eyes on all of the action. Tournament Indicator works in STT's and MTT's which is perfect for myself because those.

United States Naval Academy - Lucky Bag Yearbook (Annapolis, MD), Class of 1947, Cover | E-Yearbook.com has the largest online yearbook collection of college, university, high school, middle school, junior high school, military, naval cruise books and yearbooks. Search and browse yearbooks online Many poker books for beginners advocate a set range from each position, and their suggestions are usually quite conservative to keep new players out of trouble. We trust you're savvy enough to know that poker takes a modicum of aggression, and open ranges are not set in stone. You are going to want to play tighter or looser depending on a wide variety of factors including table dynamics.

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Rosanne 98% VPIP, 10% PFR. Random 72% VPIP, 17% PFR. Random 2 78% VPIP, 32% PFR. Joker 53% VPIP, 26% PFR. For what it's worth, if the straddle isn't raised and the button checks, that's not considered Voluntarily Put $ In Pot, so I'm pretty sure that's how Rosanne dipped below the Holy Grail of 100% VPIP At the Asian Pacific Poker Tour (APPT) tournament in Seoul, I got a terrible table draw. At first I thought the tournament was really that tough, but later I heard several people pointing out the different players at the table. There were a pokerstars pro, a recent Asia Player of the year winner, the winner of Jeju tournament that took place the week before and several other highly. Titan Poker offers a wide range of online Multi-Table Tournaments (MTT's) with over €3,000,000 in monthly guaranteed prizes New players who deposit can claim up to 100 bucks with Poker Tournament Preflop Ranges their generous 100% deposit match bonus and 20 extra Poker Tournament Preflop Ranges spins on Fruit Shop too! Get 50 No Deposit Spins *No deposit offer not available to UK players. Raise First In - Like most variants of poker the default strategy involves raising-first-in if the action is on us in an unopened pot and we have a decent starting hand. We don't want to raise just any hand and are looking for hands with the highest potential. This will usually be hands that either already have a badugi or are one card away from a badugi. As such we can keep in mind that.

My normal pfr is 17%. My pfr when unopened is about 23%. Vs a limper its 26%. It should even be higher than this. I think it should be above 30%. What do you look for in order to isolate? First check the villains stats. The most important stats to consider are :limp call, limp fold, limp raise, and fold to cb. Next look at your hand. Is it. PFR is one of the absolute most important HUD stats in poker. PFR stands for preflop raise percentage and it is one of the #1 stats I rely on when playing online poker to determine player type. A good PFR in a 6max poker game is around 18. And a good PFR in a 9max poker game is around 12. But it is important that your PFR is reflected by your. Subjects Genre: newspaper ( sobekcm ) newspaper ( marcgt ) Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Charlotte -- Port Charlotte Coordinates: 26.966141 x -82.06802 Developer API Guide. 1. Prerequisites. 2. Troubleshooting. 3. Using the JSON API / Testing Tool. 4. C# Demo Project. 5. Holdem Manager Query Language (HMQL) 6.

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  1. The situation: everyone folds around to you in the small blind. You have 20BBs. While everyone is confident in their ability to play premium hands heads up out of position, certain hands like weak aces and suited connectors can pose a serious problem, particularly when you are lacking post-flop maneuverability due to your short stack and the inability to launch an elaborate three street bluff
  2. poker 106. board 105. river 102. game 95. opponents 93. win 92. example 91. checks 90. pretty 89. folding 87. mp1 86. blinds 84. money 81. raising 78. likely 78. cards 78. fold equity 77. someone 73. villains 73. draw 73. steal 71. ranges 71. suited 71. hero raises 69. oop 69. situations 68. button 66. aggressive 65. draws 65. spr 64. mp2 61. 0 comments . Post a Review . You can write a book.
  3. Muckleshoot Spring Poker Classic #2 $4K Added NLHE . I thought I was in luck. Had jury duty scheduled in East Multnomah County for Wednesday and Thursday, the first two days of the Muckleshoot series (and the less-expensive events) My names called first in the random selection Wednesday morning, then the computer crashes after a few more names are read. They have to reset the computer, and.
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  1. Contact us at: 5691 - 176 Street, Surrey, BC, V3S 4C5. 604-574-5785 www.surreyfirefighters.com. Thursday, May 17, 2012 Surrey/North Delta Leader 39. Seaquam: Three road wins From page 37 the.
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  3. Sunday, January 27, 1974 Requires Follow Up Action By CULLEN MOORE Dear Mrs. Moore: When I read in your column about the wives whose husbands were not faithful, I used to think they must have been.
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